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Hooves and Hounds Rescue and Rehab (a 501c3 organization) provides a safe environment for neglected and abused canines and equines to rehabilitate or be in foster care until a permanent home can be found. We work with like-minded organizations and individuals as well. Hooves and Hounds Rescue and Rehab Sanctuary is located in Sheridan, Texas. We appreciate any and all donations! All donations made to Hooves and Hounds Rescue and Rehab sanctuary are tax deductible.

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One of our rescue partners asked what we have on our "Wish List." We said "huh, whatsa 'Wish List.'" Well, after a little looking we found out that we could have a Wish List on Amazon. Perhaps some folks would rather buy the rescue a little something rather than just donate $. One thing is certain, every little thing is appreciated. A quick review of our veterinary bills (2-1-2017) show that the rescue has spent $64,562.58 in the last twelve months in vet bills alone. Thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks for donating if you can. Saving canine lives matters!

Please see our wish list to make a purchase for items we need from

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