Hand crafted unscented paw print dog soap.
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Paw Print Dog Soap Bars - Unscented

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Got a dirty dog? No problem, we have the solution!

These unscented dog soaps are hand crafted with oatmeal and shea butter but has no added fragrance! This is a good alternative to consider for those concerned about sensitivity and/or allergies to fragrances.

See full dog soap ingredients list and disclosures.

Direction for Use - Try to catch your dog. As many know, not all dogs enjoy getting baths, so we wish you luck! If you succeed in catching your dog, proceed with bathing, outside or inside, your preference. Wet your dog and the soap bar thoroughly and completely. Rub the bar all over your dog to work in the soap and then add a little more water to work up a really good lather. (Lather is affected by whether your water is soft or hard.) This is your dog's most favorite part, "the rub", so work in the lather as much as you like. Rinse soap thoroughly and completely. As with any soap, avoid getting in the eyes and mouth. Try to avoid the "wet shake" by your dog soon to follow. Now enjoy your freshly clean dog....we know it does not last long!

Helpful hint: To prevent your used bar of soap from "sweating", simply wait until it is dry again and than wrap tightly in plastic wrap or place in a baggie. Note: "Sweating" of the soap means that the bar of soap forms glycerin soap beads on the surface after several days of non-use. The surface of the bar becomes bumpy in feel and appearance. This is a perfectly normal, natural, and safe occurrence so if sweating occurs, it is not harmful to use afterward. It is most common in high humidity environments. These soaps will melt when exposed to excessive heat.

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